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(continued from “Who is Jesus?”  Part #2) As we have seen in John 8:56-59 and John 10:27-33. JESUS MADE IT VERY CLEAR, THAT HE CLAIMED TO BE GOD.   So now the only question that remains is, “Do you believe Him?” If so, we must believe everything He says, and love Him and serve Him with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength.   If not, then who do you say He is? A great teacher, a great man, a good example, or a religious leader?   Jesus never claimed to be a good teacher, a great man, a good example, a great figure in history, or a religious leader.  He never said,”I am only a prophet, or a high ranking Angel, or a martyr.”  These are titles that people have given Him.    (SIDE NOTE: Please do not attempt to show faint, feigned, or fake praise by saying that Jesus is anything less than who He says He is. Many people don’t realize that to call Him a “good man” but not God, is not a compliment but an insult to Him because you are calling Him a iar.)   Let me ask you a few questions,     Do great teachers tell the truth, or do they tell lies? (They tell the truth) To read more click on corresponding link below.