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CROSSBIZ is another one of our ministries of that spreads the Gospel message visually and supports our ministries financially. CROSSBIZ provides hand-made customized crosses to churches, ministries, families, schools, and businesses as a “THANK YOU GIFT” for their support.

How it all got started

God can do so much with so little and sometimes He is answering our prayers even when we don’t realize it. In the beginning of 2011, I was preparing for my second missionary trip to Nigeria to minister through “The Crucifixion Experience”. I was serving as the associate Pastor at a Southern Baptist Church in Hawthorne. Funds were extremely low and we really needed a miracle to provide for this trip. I had been fasting, praying, and crying out to God to help provide for us. One afternoon, I was in the parking lot of the church building a cross for the upcoming Crucifixion Experience drama. As one of the sisters arrived, she asked if I could build a cross for her home and also one for the church sanctuary. Initially I answered “No, I’m sorry, I only build them for the drama”. I had been building crosses for over 20 years and have never was asked to build one for a person. A few days later she asked again. Here I was crying out to God and asking for His help and He sent someone to buy two crosses to help us raise funds for the ministry trip and I was turning her down. Eventually I made the two crosses for her and she donated over $500.00 towards our trip and that was the beginning of CrossBiz. This generous sister was so impressed with the crosses that she also bought two suits for myself and the the other Pastor making the trip! Soon after, people began to order crosses of all different sizes and styles. We don’t have prices for our crosses, we accept donations and 100% of the funds raised through CrossBiz support the gospel worldwide.


Our Staff

Pastor George is the handyman with divine inspiration.

100% of the funds raised through CrossBiz support the gospel worldwide.

Special Note

If you would like to receive a customized Cross as a “thank you“ for your donation, please email Pastor George at

Free delivery in Southern California.

All crosses are customizable